20.03.2017 16:26


Welcome to Kennels Minha Alegria.
It was in 2013 when I brought home the first puppy Chihuahuas. It sounds simple, but it was a pretty lengthy journey. Originally, I had such a lot of people interested in dogs without PP. But very soon I realized that this way is not the way. I want to have a really puppy Chihuahuas that will be healthy and at which I will be able to rely on good origin of his parents and grandparents, I'll have to go otherwise. So I started to look for the dog kennels with PP.
Search bore fruit and I finally brought home his first dream Chihuahua Dantíčka - Dante Fortunaterose. I was perfectly happy. But it turned out that I čivavám utterly failed. I figured that if he had DANTIK friend, he would have been happier, because, as it says, "One of the sad Chihuahua Chihuahua," and it is absolutely true. And before long, I was carrying home a further addition to the family, who became our Jackie - Jack Daniel Ave Bengal.
At that time I even remotely thought about the fact that I was devoted to exhibitions, let alone breed. Just out of curiosity, I tried the first show where I entered DANTIK and she fell quite unexpectedly great! DANTIK finished in first place and he was still chosen as the third best puppy (from about 30 puppies of various breeds) !!! I started to go to shows more often and gradually, despite difficult beginnings and great nervousness, I realized that I was very fun and fulfilling.
In 2014 I started to exhibit also his second dog Jack, who, although initially had little trouble, well adjusted and I can say that it shows fun as me.
Next year, ie 2015, I finally got my first, long-awaited girls - Meredith Fortunaterose.